Ameel Mohammed

What Photography Means to Me

I am a digital story teller who focuses my abilities of finding the heart and emotion in the moments that I capture. My passion is making sure that each time I click my shutter, I have told the story of what is happening in frame. That I inspire ideas and creativity, answer and create questions and leave an impression of that moment.

Marking Where It Starts

I’ve been taking photos for a long time, from family camera’s, to borrowing friends DSLRs to finally housing a growing collection of my own. Seneca’s HELIX was a jumping point for me to start officially getting paid for my work, and without them, I don’t know when my start would have been. I found a community and family there which influenced me on what a positive, supportive and compassionate business can be.

My Dad

My mom was the one taking most of the photos, but my dad loved photography as much. He helped me start my professional journey by coming with me to get my first camera and lens. From there, he’s been a huge push to grow, learn and find challenges. In 2016, he passed way. During that same time, gear that he helped me get was stolen and I found myself enable to maintain my career.

Where I Go from Here

2020, I find myself surrounded by an amazing community of individuals focused on doing their best work. The Centre for Social Innovation is now my base camp for my business, and creating a launch pad for growth, partnerships, and stories to be captured.


I love what I do, even when it’s raining or night, it’s another moment to take a picture and tell the story of that moment. I very much see the world through my camera, even when it’s not with me, and I am always willing to practice, share and development that passion with others.

This business, md0651, is named after my dad, Asgar Mohammed, born in June 1951. It may not live up to his legacy on being innovative and engeering, but it does contain the heart, passion and possibilities which he shared with the world.

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